Intelligent Toilets by KOHLER

Mar 04, 2020 by R Blair


With features that include personal cleansing, individual temperature settings and soft nighttime lighting, a Kohler intelligent toilet offers customizable comfort unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. From personalized warm-water cleansing and a warm-air dryer, to the heated seat and self-sanitizing wand — KOHLER smart toilets are designed to make you feel your cleanest and most comfortable.

Numi 1.0

A striking, architectural form with streamlined design.




Flowing, sculptural shape with minimalist style.




Sleek, modern lines and elegant details.



Karing 2.0

Approachable style and graceful curves.


Numi 2.0

Numi 2.0

Welcome to a whole new world of intelligent. Numi 2.0 with KOHLER Konnect is Kohler’s most advanced toilet, giving you the freedom to set every detail to your personal preferences — from warm-water cleansing and a heated seat to ambient lighting and air freshening. With built-in Amazon Alexa, Numi 2.0 lets you create your ideal environment with only the sound of your voice. 

The KOHLER Konnect app lets you create personalized presets for each person in your household. Enjoy your preferred temperature, cleansing pressure and ambiance, every time you use the bathroom.

Take clean to the next level. From UV sanitization to automatic flush and hands-free seat closing, every element of Numi 2.0 is designed to leave you feeling refreshed and comfortable.

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