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Lauren Vinciguerra

Lauren worked in the plumbing/heating business for a year before moving over to become a Showroom Sales Associate. Prior to that, she was in the restaurant industry for 16 years. Since she started in plumbing & heating, she has the parts knowledge to comfortably work with plumbers and contractors. She also has a designer's eye and is happy to give homeowners advice on aesthetics in the bathroom and kitchen. She has had extensive training on Kohler, Delta, Grohe, Rohl, Basco, Fairmont Designs, Thermasol and a handful of other product lines.

Lauren owns a home in Portland with her husband. She is a "DIY" kind of person and is always looking for things to improve around the house. She has a culinary degree and spends a lot of time in the kitchen and knows what an important part of the house it is, for a lot of people. As a homeowner, Lauren understand the challenges and expenses that go along with it, so she strives to help fellow homeowners achieve their home improvement goals in a cost-effective and timely manner. Whether you're a designer, contractor, plumber or homeowner Lauren looks forward to working with you on your next remodel or new construction project!

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