Cant We All Just Relax

May 20, 2016 by Todd McDonagh

Looks lovely right? Well, this spring, all of us at The Ultimate Bath Store would like to encourage everyone to SLOW DOWN! Ask anyone and they will tell you that they wish they could take the time to go to a spa, or even take 10 minutes to just "chill out." Well we are here to tell you that (a) you should, (b) you don't need to go to a spa to do it, and (c) there are many ways to give your existing bathroom a spa-like feel. Sit back and relax as we explain: Let's break down some of the elements that you'll need:

  • Aromatherapy (candles, oils, something to put the oils into)
  • Warm towels
  • Great slippers and a great bathrobe
  • Scented shampoo or body wash or body scrub

You can get great slippers and bathrobes just about anywhere - you know the ones we are talking about (we found these at Zappos)

Now here are some items that also help:

  • Fog-free mirrors
  • Great pulsating showerhead or
  • Great bathtub - maybe like this one:

Some extras:

  • For the tub, a place to put your wine/beer/water and book/video
  • Bath pillow
  • Music! Here are some speakers from Kohler that we think will do the job: Engineered in close cooperation with Polk Audio, the water-resistant speakers offer high-performance sound that complements the DTV+â„¢ Digital Showering System. Their low-profile design makes them ideal for mounting in a wall or ceiling.
  • Video - we've got to go with ThermaSol again! Their Tranquility system (part of their ThermaTouch controller system) will sooth you with 9 pre-programmed scenes meant to calm and rejuvenate even the most tired of us!

A great shower seat! ThermaSol has what we think is the best on the market

So what are we saying here? We are saying that you can go 'all in' and design your perfect spa environment from scratch or you can use a few extras to help make every day a spa day.

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